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St. Paul's Supports Norfolk Refugee Committee

Rick Jones Volunteer VP with the NRC accepted cheque for $1,000 from St. Paul’s, presented by John Bird, Jim Lomas & Jim Cation.



NRC is sponsoring their fourth family of Syrian refugees slated to arrive early April. This sponsorship is a family reunification, the mother of the fourth family and the mother of the second family are sisters, family reunifications are not eligible for Government funding, the NRC is relying solely on community support, which has been very strong. 

In addition to financially supporting NRC, St. Paul’s AFFA4KIDS is donating the majority of the furniture this family of five will need to furnish their residence in Simcoe. 



About NRC

The Norfolk Refugee Committee (NRC) is a community-based group that works to rescue refugees under the auspice of the Roman Catholic Diocese of London, specifically St. Mary’s Church, Simcoe.  The group is a secular, multi denominational and multi faith group.  The common objectives of the volunteers are to sponsor and settle refugees.


About St. Paul’s Community Outreach

St. Paul’s places a high value on community outreach, we look for opportunities within the community that will support and enrich individuals socially, physically and mentally.


AFFA4KIDS supports three signature initiatives; sending kids to the summer camp of their choosing, installing stencils on the playgrounds of schools, and Norfolk County Public Library annual children’s adopt-a-book campaign.